Overview: KING ICT in 2017

The current growth of the global industries is due to the digital economy. Innovation and business digitalization encourage competitiveness and address existing structural weaknesses. On the other hand, modernization of education and the introduction of technology into the classroom create a better education system for all generations, promote digital literacy, skills and inclusiveness.

Our mission as a regional system integrator is to add value to the digitalization processes of the economy and contribute to the society. The projected revenue growth of 10 percent in 2017 compared to previous year, more than 400 employees and expansion of business, are indicators of the success of the outlined direction.

In 2017 we finished a number of demanding projects and increased investment in R&D. We build new relationships and partnerships to enable our specialists to access the latest technological solutions.

Aware of the need to connect the education system with the labor market, we have participated in university initiatives we have associated with the faculties and other educational institutions. This kind of activity is at the heart of KING ICT, and we will continue even more extensively with similar projects in 2018.


Zagreb Airport

In the field of transportation, KING ICT participated in the realization of two significant projects. We implemented the entire IT infrastructure and terminal network solutions on the premises of the new terminal of Zagreb International Airport. In addition to electro-technical engineering, we implemented air conditioning system, video surveillance and access control.

Dubrovnik Airport

In the far south of Croatia, new Dubrovnik Airport was inaugurated with an automated baggage handling and security systems. In order to ensure unobstructed passenger and baggage flow, KING ICT has installed the most modern transport and sorting system. With the completion of this project, the south of Croatia and the Jewel of the Adriatic got a long-awaited airport for the 21st century that will further stimulate the steady growth of passengers.


In the context of Croatia's energy perspective, JANAF is an extremely important project that is constantly evolving. At the moment, the first stage of the project for the extension of the reservoir space for crude oil - Omišalj Terminal - is in progress. There are plans to build three additional tanks with the associated equipment and installations that will connect the new system to existing Terminal systems. Our experts within the bidder community contributed to the project by carrying out the procurement, supply, and installation of the equipment. The overall project implementation is expected by the end of 2018.


By the end of December 2017, KING ICT will complete the implementation of the SAP IS-U industrial solution for HEP Elektra. It is a Customer Relations and Billing module that will computerize billing, invoicing and bill collection, and improve customer relations. This CR&B solution modernizes the business of the only energy company authorized to provide public electricity supply services in Croatia.

Schengen system

In an increasingly connected digital society, the concept of (cyber) security must not be ignored. We are aware of new challenges, and this year KING ICT continues with the successful implementation of security and defense projects. First of all - the implementation of the EURODAC digital fingerprint system for the asylum seekers, and then, the National Schengen Information System and the SIRENE Document Management System project. By implementing the system, Croatia has become part of the Schengen Information System (SIS II) and has thus made one of the key steps towards entry into unified Schengen space.


A key component of the modern economy is digitalization of business. We have implemented and configured new EMC data systems for the Erste Group Card Processor, for Roche a technical protection system that includes video surveillance, access control, working time records and burglar alarm with the surveillance system, and for Dalekovod we have implemented sales tracking systems (CRM) and systems for transparent automated reporting.


Modernization of education, primarily digitization, is one of the main preconditions of social progress. The concept of digital maturity of schools points to the growing importance of technology in education, and the application and implementation of ICT in schools are planned at the national level. As a part of the e-School concept, KING ICT also participates in the implementation of modern classrooms tailored to students and teachers’ needs. We presented the concept at this year's CARNet Users Conference - CUC 2017 where we held eight workshops with the aim of informing the teachers about the possibilities of a smart classroom as a part of the e-School project. We have made our hardware and software solutions parts of the classic classroom; we have replaced standard boards with smart boards, and notebooks with tablets.

The purpose of KING's modern classroom is to create a collaborative environment that promotes creativity, thinking and improving digital competencies. The intuition and ease of use of our software solutions is a real indicator that learning can be interesting and fun.