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Physical Security Systems

The rapid technological development of security systems brings advanced IP converged network solutions that enable the integration of various network-based solutions

Physical Security Solutions include complete converged solutions that enable the integration of various subsystems into a unique supervision and management system.
In terms of Physical Security, we offer complete solutions in the field of video surveillance, access and attendance control, intrusion detection and perimeter protection, with a special emphasis on network integration and connectivity to other network-oriented systems.


Network video surveillance system - uses the IP megapixel camera technology and applies the highest safety standards of transmission and storage with the aim of quality surveillance and crime prevention.
Network access control and work-time attendance - a scalable network solution for the centralized management of work-time attendance and access authorisations for premises under surveillance, with the possibility of centralized control and transaction analysis in the system.
Network intrusion detection system - based on the IP infrastructure, systems meet high security standards through centralized surveillance and area protection.
Central Monitoring System - centralization of IP-based physical security systems, surveillance systems, as well as fire detection, fire extinguishing and gas alarm systems, meet the requirements for a unified surveillance solution that ensures control over not only local, but also distributed systems, thereby covering all the security parameters required by any complex organisational unit. The main advantages of centralized control are a simple and intuitive display of different types of events with different levels of priority (colours, sounds), dynamic icons on the layouts, alarm lists showing all active events, escalation procedures and forms for intelligent operator guidance during signal processing.


Solutions include complete design and system implementation at all levels of information security and physical security (policies, procedures, IT systems, video surveillance, physical and logical access control, intrusion detection, surveillance systems) and their integration into the existing environment.

Based on customer requirements, KING ICT will offer a suitable system, using one of the renowned suppliers. Among the partners in the area of security and technical security are: Axis Communications, Bosch, Agent Vi, Genetec, NOX Systems, HID Global, Mango DSP, Multitone Electronics, Videotec...