Presentation of new solutions for SAP clients - Winshuttle

Together with our partner company Winshuttle, we have presented to SAP system clients solutions that to a great extent simplify day to day business operations, enabling timely business decision making.

Both in Croatia and the rest of the world, SAP solutions have been accepted as a great support to business processes. This is confirmed by the fact that it is the most deployed solution in the world.

The Winshuttle solution enables even better use of all of the advantages the SAP system has to offer with considerable time savings.

Advantages of Winshuttle solutions:

• Winshuttle software solutions enable SAP users to work with the SAP system directly from Excel, Access, SharePoint and other tools
• Easier data management, both when loading single records and mass created data into SAP systems
• Reduced risk of incorrect data entering
• Possibility of using modified forms containing initial values, without having to make any touch ups
• Enables business users to create reports without additional programming.

Winshuttle solutions are designed for all SAP users, all SAP modules and all business fields.
The presentation of Winshuttle solutions attracted over 40 guests. This shows that there is a great interest for this product that is new in Croatia but has been present in Europe and the rest of the world for 10 years. The number of its users amounts to well over two thousand.

Through a partnership, KING ICT has become an authorised agent of these solutions, not only for the Croatian but also for the markets of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Montenegro.

Thanks to many SAP implementations, KING ICT has acquired a reputation as a successful SAP systems integrator. KING ICT employs over 20 authorised SAP certified consultants and with its high level of expertise offers its clients full service including implementation of enhanced applications.