Protect Your Entire Network

Digitalization can create new opportunities and set new standards in your business. However, this dynamic working environment requires constant attention and the best security and protection solutions for your business and for your network and external and internal infrastructure. 

Our security solutions enable efficient business operations because they are simple, open and automated:

Simple - Security and protection solutions must be simple and user-friendly. They should also provide a single access point to key information. 

Open - Our security solutions meet the industry standards; they function in a coordinated manner and intercommunicate, regardless of the manufacturer. Standardization enables a more efficient approach to potential threats and dangers.

Automated - Machine learning and automation will help your IT department enter the new era. Smart technologies enable faster identification of threats, enabling a timely reaction. 

End-to-End Protection: from Data Center to End Point 

Our security solutions are simple, open and automated. They assist in protecting every point of your network: before, during and after an attack. 

New-generation firewall – Block several threats and expedite the prevention of potential threats. Firepower is a fully integrated new-generation firewall that provides security and protection without affecting network performance. 

Advanced malware protection –Monitor and identify behavior patterns of malicious software. Prevent users from accessing unsecured Internet websites. All you have to do is direct your DNS internal service to the Cisco Umbrella solution. It takes just minutes to install. 

Encrypted traffic analytics – Identify suspicious behavior in encrypted network traffic without needing to decipher it. Stealthwatch allows scanning of the entire network and insight into the data center, all chapters and resources in the cloud. Identify hidden attacks through the use of advanced security analytics. 

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