Rochester Institute of Technology visits KING ICT: Official Day of Classes at KING ICT

KING ICT welcomed the students of the undergraduate professional RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology Croatia) studies with great pleasure.

RIT students had a regular student day at a special location at KING ICT. This collaboration gave students the opportunity to gain insight into the real business of an IT company, while at the same time carrying out their regular student obligations.

The students completed two lectures in the KING ICT conference room: a lecture by the director of software delivery Roko Roić about science lessons from the history of software development methodologies and by the main KING ICT architect Matija Capan on software quality assurance.

KING ICT itself attracted great interest from the students - they were given information about the organisation and methods of operation of the company, working conditions and the required profile of potential employees. Students wanted to know which type of knowledge is essential in order to be hired at KING ICT and how they can gain it, with kingers explaining to them which technology and programming languages are used in the work on the projects.

By visiting the KING ICT rooms, students learned more about the products and services that we currently offer, and also about projects that we are planning in the near future.

Expertise leads to successful business, and in it one must find space for relaxation and inspiration - hence the students visited KING’s nooks for relaxation, such as a gym, sauna, lounge with a billiards table, table football... because that’s the world of a successful IT company and a pleasant, modern working environment which is waiting for new, young professionals.