Round table on Cyber Security organised by Poslovni Dnevnik

On Wednesday, 13 January, a round table entitled “Cyber threats in the corporate sector” was organised by the daily business newspaper, Poslovni Dnevnik. The discuss focused on security practices and cyber security challenges in Croatia and the world.

The round table was moderated by editor-in-chief of Poslovni Dnevnik, Vladimir Nišević, while the panel included some of Croatia's top cyber security experts: Marin Ante Pivčević, Mladen Prekrat, Biljana Cerin, Milan Parat, Alen Delić and Nino Talian – head of the IT Security Department at KING ICT.

“The cyber world knows no borders, and therefore, Croatian companies are just as exposed to threats as all other global companies. Security breaches, fraud, extortion, malware campaigns and DDOS attacks have become very frequent. Though in the geopolitical sense, Croatia is somewhat less targeted by the large, organised, global cyber attackers. Breaches will occur more easily in companies that have not set up adequate organisational measures and security processes and who have not put technological security solutions in place,” stated Talian, adding that the market now offers solutions for both big and small companies.

“There are highly advanced, less expensive solutions, and due to the nature and diversity of the markets we operate on, we at KING ICT deliver a wide range of variations of solutions that comply with the nature of the business, and the needs and priorities of our customers. The main goal is to reduce security risks to an acceptable level for their operations. It is important that security should not be viewed as a cost, but instead as a ‘must have’,” added Talian.

The participants agreed that the knowledge of Croatian experts ensures their competitiveness at the international level. However, they emphasised that there is a lack of security experts both in Croatia, and abroad, and even before university, youth should be motivated to enter the world of cyber security. Nino stressed the importance of awareness, and educating the public about security risks, while he also mentioned the complexity of security issues and the imperative of addressing these issues from all aspects.

“The trends are positive, this world is growth, attacks are increasing in strength, but so is our defence. That is why it is important for young people, and those new to the world of cyber security, to receive the proper mentoring. The profession offers a wide range of aspects, which is why we need people with different interests, whose potential can be recognised, and their talents developed. At KING, we continuously work to strengthen our teams with experts of diverse talents and affinities. We take this approach as we have recognised that certain segments of security require exceptionally technically oriented experts, while others might require experts who have a deep understanding of the legislation and professional practice, and who have advanced communication skills to ensure their practical and simple implementation in the real environment of our customers’ companies. This is where our value and wealth lies,” concluded Nino.

FOTO: PIXSELL / Igor Kralj