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Satellite Technology Based Solutions

The usage of satellite technology to receive reliable data and improved business results

KING ICT offers high-quality, modern solutions for everyone who needs satellite imagery in everyday business, efficient surveillance and the interpretation of relevant changes.


The advantages of using satellite technology for spatial data acquisition are on-hand availability and tracking changes over a large area.
Fast response, coverage of large areas and providing spatial information from anywhere in the world, as the main features of satellite technology, also allow a high level of efficiency in the field of crisis management.

Content availability for different uses, the constant development and discoveries of new uses, rapid updating, maintenance and verification are just some of the reasons why spatial data collected via satellite technologies is used across the planet as sources for digital orthophotos, topographic maps, digital elevation models and as the basis for GIS systems.


KING ICT offers solutions in partnership with the company Airbus Defence and Space, the leading company in the Satellite Technology industry. Through this partnership, KING ICT is given access to the existing database of spatial data, as well as the acquisition of new spatial data for target areas, not to mention access to existing solution based on satellite technology and the development of new ones.

KING ICT implements the following solutions based on satellite technologies:
- Solution for Nature Conservation and Natural Disaster Risk Management
- Border Supervision and National Security Solution
- Solution for Construction Control and Monitoring
- Agricultural Solutions