Smart Home System in the 15th Century Summer Home

Traditional architecture meets the demands of modern life, that’s always a challenging task. KING ICT has taken part and given its contribution to one such project. An exclusive vacation villa was built on the ruins of a 15th century estate.

The Pugliesi summer home, located in the Dubrovnik area, is a great example of harmony between the 15th century architecture and meeting the high aesthetic, functional and technological criteria that had to be met in order to reach the status of a luxury estate.

KING ICT has implemented an advanced integration concept which through a single management interface combines the smart home system, the system of technical security and surveillance of the surrounding area, multimedia and web attraction concept, which allows remote access to video content into the 580-square-meter villa, with a 1400- square-meter garden.

Complex system includes numerous functionalities for a comfortable stay in an old villa

The smart home system includes lighting, heating and cooling control, energy consumption control and a weather station.

Technical protection and area monitoring include surveillance, anti-burglary access control via smart tags, flooding control, and so on.

Multimedia system allows internal and external sound systems, music control via audio zones and video content management on TV.

The backbone of the entire system is an advanced IT infrastructure, which ensures safe and fast communication of all system elements, wireless infrastructure and remote access via a secure VPN infrastructure.

A harmonious blend of old-world surroundings with state-of-the-art technology

Technology has enabled the estate, which by its origin already belongs to a very well thought-out and intelligent way of housing and leisure, to provide its guests with the best of the best.

The implemented system is a unique combination of an authentic summer home estate and discreetly integrated state-of-the-art technology, which seamlessly provides excellent comfort in an antique environment.

You can view the renovated summer home here: