Software for Farmers in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

KING ICT implemented a solution for the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry, as project leader, designed for farmers in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Software for processing financial incentives in agriculture and Farmer Internet Portal were presented to the public at the conference held in Sarajevo on 27th October.

The objective of implementation was to provide transparency, efficiency and swiftness at processing incentives in agriculture.

An informatization of all processes in terms of processing incentives was carried out, where the Federal Ministry, relevant cantonal ministries and 79 municipalities took part.

Furthermore, an integration of a new system and the existing systems of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry is planned, primarily the farm and customer register, where more than 60,000 customers have been registered to date.

According to Mr. Šemsudin Dedić, Minister of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the new system will solve more than 80% of the existing problems, which have arisen upon the implementation of procedures with regard to the processing of financial incentives in agriculture until now.

A major advantage of the implemented software solution is a higher degree of control and oversight in terms of the use of incentives, whereas the Farmer Internet Portal provides information for farmers as to the current status of their financial incentives applications.

This is not the first software solution implemented by KING ICT to this end. In 2012, KING ICT developed and implemented IAKS – Integrated Administration and Monitoring System for the Paying Agency for Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia. The IAKS makes it possible for the members of the EU to ensure the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy.

For more information please visit official website of the Ministry.