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Software Solution for Emergency Phone Support

Enhanced speed and quality of Emergency Line 112

In life threating situations timing is crucial. The courageous women and men of Emergency Line 112 are completely aware of this fact, therefore, by implementing a new support software solution which has modernized their work we've made the system more effective, faster and reliable.


Our software solution has been implemented in 16 emergency county centers. By implementing new hardware and software solutions we've enabled a stable working environment for a critical national system such as the Emergency Line 112. The solution brought a better coordination among the centers by making the available data completely visible to all cooperating centers in real time.  


Thanks to the always-on connectivity we've designed a unified network of Emergency County Centers and the National Protection and Rescue Directorate. As a part of the solution, we've implemented CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) system called SFERA which was fully developed at KING ICT and was based on Microsoft technologies. The system is modular, therefore it's easier to upgrade it at any time with additional options such as e-call.