Solutions for the Liberalized Energy Market

A large and complex project for the largest supplier of thermal energy

KING ICT has implemented SAP IS-U for the Slovenian company Energetika Ljubljana. This was part of a comprehensive project involving the implementation of a complete solution that includes SAP IS-U and SAP CRM.
Energetika Ljubljana is a company belonging to Javni Holding Ljubljana. It is currently the largest supplier of thermal energy in Slovenia and one of the largest suppliers of natural gas. The entry of new suppliers to the market has created the need for new business practices, especially concerning communication between various distributors and companies that serve exclusively as suppliers. The implemented solution fully supports all the changes which had to be made for the continued perfect functioning of such a market.
The solution, implemented in its entirety, greatly benefits the complex operations of the company. It supports a series of practices – the management of customer relations, contracting, managing devices and readings, as well as billing and invoicing both the distribution costs and the consumption of gas and heat, as well as maintenance services for thermal stations.
The implementation of the SAP IS-U solution at Energetika Ljubljana lasted one year, and KING ICT implemented it as part of an extensive and complex project, as a member of a consortium. During the implementation ofthe SAP IS-U and SAP CRM projects, KING ICT was responsible for the implementation of new practices necessary for the management of devices and readings, billing and invoicing, and for overseeing the data transfer process.

What did Energetika Ljubljana gain from KING ICT's solution?

The implemented processes were linked with the existing SAP ERP solutions, leading to greater integration and more efficient operations 
Because the process was unified and simplified, reporting and the making of rapid and relevant business decisions became easier 
The billing process was simplified; one application replaced many different ones

What did the users of the service gain?
The end users (consumers), will also feel the benefits of the new solution. For example, if a consumer has more meters, they will no longer receive several bills and all costs will be calculated into a single bill.

Statement by Plamenko Barišić, CEO of KING ICT:
After implementing a series of elaborate SAP solutions, this project clearly demonstrates our focus on the energy sector as well. More specifically, the cooperation with Energetika Ljubljana is the second collaboration established so far between KING ICT and an energy company in the region. The first collaboration, which is currently coming to an end, was the implementation of the SAP ERP solution and the document management solution (DMS) for the Macedonian company MEPSO, the electricity transmission system operator. We are proud of the projects completed so far for various companies in the region; they confirm our intention to position ourselves as a key player in the region. The project at Energetika Ljubljana also further demonstrates the very successful collaboration between KING ICT and their Slovenian and Slovakian partners.