Statement regarding article on International Leaders Summit

It has come to our attention that the article “Billion Dollar Corruption: Croatia’s Scheme to Buy 30-Year Old American Fighter Jets from Israel” by Natasa Srdoc published on the International Leaders’ Summit website has a number of false, defamatory claims and allegations regarding KING ICT and its operations. The article left us in disbelief since it was published on a website of a prominent think tank and institute such as International Leaders’ Summit without any kind of fact checking or attempts of contacting KING ICT in order to gather necessary information.

In the article, there is a number of implications regarding the future status of the current vice-president of the Government of the Republic of Croatia Mr. Damir Krsticevic in KING ICT and M SAN. We would like to point out that Mr. Krsticevic has ended his career in KING ICT and M SAN Group at the moment he became a member of Croatian Parliament and soon the vice-president of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, as well the minister of defense. For several years already, we have parted ways and since then there are no ties, links or any kind of connections between Mr. Krsticevic, KING ICT and M SAN Group, and there won’t be in future.

Further on, the author falsely claims “Croatian defense minister’s former company would be responsible for servicing, repairing and maintaining the planes, which can run in the hundreds of millions of dollars, to double the purchase price of the planes for the next decade at a whopping $1 billion”. Not only this is defamatory towards KING ICT and its team of 480 experts, but also it is a damaging claim that could seriously hurt the trust of our partners. 

KING ICT was never owned in any kind of way by Mr. Krsticevic. He was a non-executive manager and a Member of Supervisory Board. We would like to point out that KING ICT in an ICT company, which stands for information, communications & technology. As an IT company, we have never shown and will not express interest in the field of civil or military aeronautics because we do not have the interest, nor the necessary expertise or knowledge. We are a company specialized in advance information and communication technology solutions. KING ICT on daily basis develops and implements solutions in ICT spectrums such as software solutions, architecture, networking solutions, technical security solutions, and passive network solutions. 

KING ICT operates in a wide variety of business activities in transports, energetics, agriculture, health, education, telecommunications, and finance. As one of the leading system integrator, some projects are related to government and public institutions. Those projects are won by competing on public tenders and biddings only. Once again the author defames the company by claiming falsely: ‘The major source of income for the mentioned companies are government contracts in the IT arena, and many of them were procured without bidding.’

Regarding KING ICT’s sister company Planet IX. Planet IX is a company specialized in AI and its usage in robotics and drones. The company was registered for ‘manufacturing, repairing and maintenance of planes and spacecraft’s but the author left one crucial part of the registration form: According to Croatian law, every drone that weights more than 150 kilograms is classified as a plane, therefore they must be registered in the Croatian registry of civil airplanes. Through Planet IX, KING ICT aims to explore the possibilities of using drones in various business fields such as agriculture, construction, for insurance companies and their damage evaluation processes or even during natural catastrophes for helping citizens. In order to use drones in a previously written manner, the company had to be registered ‘for manufacturing, repairing and maintaining planes (drones)’.

Throughout the passing year, KING ICT has published several press releases regarding these specific topics because we believe that we have the moral duty and obligation to inform the public and the media in a timely and truthful manner. Each of them is available online on our official website but the author decided to ignore them which led to the creation of a biased, untruthful and quite damaging article about KING ICT & M SAN Group. Due to its sensationalistic nature, the article was cited in some international and Croatian media which was damaging for the company’s reputation. KING ICT has contacted the International Leaders’ Summit requesting to publish our statement in order to rightfully inform the public or we will go forward with filing a defamation lawsuit in court.