Students visit KING ICT

In the spirit of intensified cooperation with educational institutions, KING ICT welcomed students from the Electrical Engineering Vocational School in Zagreb. They are the future computer engineering technicians, currently in grade 2C.

The tour started on the MSAN factory in Rugvica premises, where the students had the chance to find out first-hand how a production line for HD and UHD Vivax TVs, smartphones and MSGW computers looks like. They learned how to check the quality of the equipment and test the software, and some have decided to give work on production lines on the go.


Students learned firsthand about MSAN Group companies, especially about KING ICT, thanks to Sendi Radić, a member of the KING ICT Management Board, who told them about what KING ICT does, what is the role, mission, and vision of a system integrator in a society and on the labor market. In order to get acquainted more closely with the company's work, Franjo Bubalo, a specialist for support, joined them and explained the processes in the Support Department.

Besides sightseeing, they were in for a surprise - 'Assemble Your PC' competition, with students Sandi Melkić, Karner Koružnjak, and Mateo Budinšćak participating. Mateo Budinšćak was the fastest and won the KING T-shirt. A great deal of interest was also triggered by smart panels replacing the classic boards in the E-school project, where students showed commendable painting and mathematical skills.

Technical Protection and Liabilities Sector is best known to its director, Matija Mandić, who presented the Video surveillance project in Zagreb. Through a dynamic presentation, the students learned that KING's solutions helped in regulating parking-related traffic in Zagreb, consequently contributing to a better traffic flow and to a large extent influencing the better situational crime prevention.


In the Software Solutions Sector, with the help of the head of the Java team, Aleksandar Radovan, students Mario Vujnović, Karlo Mahović and Tin Perlić tried their luck in encoding, more precisely in JavaFX graphing design technology. Following Aleksandar’s advice, they had the opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge of adding a graphical interface, extending the existing simple program, and defining business logic. The students tested and used the summation and multiplication program system. Thanks to these first lessons in Java school, the students had the opportunity to learn a few programming tricks that will surely help them in further education.


"We are very grateful to the entire KING ICT team for a wonderful presentation and the opportunities that enabled us to combine practice and theory in a very interesting way. The students saw that everything they learn in school has a practical application, and now they have additional motivation for studying. We hope that in the near future students will spend their professional practice in companies such as KING ICT and that in this way vocational schools will get closer to the real sector. This was a small step towards an even better Croatia," said professor and 2C form master, Vatroslav Zuppa Bakša.

We are incredibly pleased to have the opportunity to host 2C students who have followed the presentations and participated in the competitions with great interest and involvement. Their visit is another indicator of KING ICT and the MSAN Group’s intentions on co-operation with educational institutions, with the improvement of the existing curriculum and connecting the education system with the labor market in view.