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The Interoperability System

The fast and reliable exchange of information between national authorities is a starting point for the effective performance of their duties and responsibilities.

The interoperability system provides secure data exchange between state institutions of the Republic of Macedonia using established standards and protocols, representing an opportunity for the exchange of information on an electronic level.


A modernized interoperability platform enabling the electronic exchange of data between 19 institutions, with the possibility of unlimited future expansion with new institutions. Each institution has its own server, the so-called communication client, through which it accesses the central server. For institutions that do not have the ability to integrate the service into their system, a web portal is available through which these institutions can participate in the interoperability system and use all the available web services.


The system hardware platform is based on a redundant server environment, a storage device and the appropriate network devices, virtualized and set in the Hyper-V Failover Cluster. The central system platform is based on Microsoft BizTalk and Microsoft SQL technology.