The MS NetWork 6 Neum Conference, April 18-20

The MS NetWork 6 Conference will be held in Neum (Bosnia and Herzegovina) from April 18-20, 2016. The conference participants will be able to attend lectures on six topics. These are lectures related to Development, Infrastructure and Security, Business use of Technological Solutions, lectures by experts from the MS Community, Education Solutions, and Case Study Presentations.

The topics that will be presented at the conference are related to Windows 10 on all platforms, a new generation of products from Office, Infrastructure and Security, Business Intelligence and Advanced Databases, Project Management, Application Development for Windows, Visual Studio 2015 and Multi-platform Development, the use of Microsoft and open-source technology, with the presentation of Solutions that are used in Education.

KING ICT’s experts will give two lectures at the conference. The lecture will show how using the T-SQL, Power Pivot, and other Power BI add-ins can make a simple yet powerful BI tool for monitoring and analysing the operations of the SQL server, and the implementation of the BI/DWH system in JP Elektroprivreda BiH.

Schedule and summaries of lectures by experts from KING ICT:

Ivan Tepeš, KING ICT, and Selma Kovačević, Elektroprivreda BiH: Case study - the implementation of the BI system and data warehouses in JP Elektroprivreda BiH - challenges and expected benefits (the Gallery, April 19, 2016 at 12 pm)

The concrete implementation project of the BI/DWH system in JP Elektroprivreda BiH will be presented. The project is aimed at implementing a central data warehouse for the needs of advanced business analysis, reporting, and business decision support, in the segment of distribution activities. The segments that will be covered in the lecture are: a description of the problems and constraints faced by the business system in data analysis and reporting; set goals, technical requirements and the project scope (the description of the source systems and the different types of data); the description of the selected technologies; the dynamics of project implementation, problems/dilemmas in the implementation, their resolution; results of the project: the description of the built drawings and all system components, reporting forms and tools (Stage/Prestage base, OLAP, specification of various methods and technologies for charging data from the source systems: direct access to the database, access to the View which contains the aggregate data, etc.) with the Demo (presentation of sample reports that result from direct queries to the database, or as a result of OLAP data processing).

Dalibor Margotić KING ICT - homemade portable BI tool for detecting bottlenecks and analysis of the operations of the SQL Server (the Gallery, April 20, 2016, at 2 pm)

The SQL Server offers about 150 DMV and DMF (Dynamic Management Views/Functions) with which one can get a lot of information on the operations of the SQL Server, and detect and diagnose various problems including problematic queries and procedures. There is enough information, but how can one draw meaningful conclusions using all this overwhelming data to get a complete snapshot of the working status of the SQL Server? Power BI for Excel comes to the aid. The lecture will show how using the T-SQL, Power Pivot, and other Power BI add-ins can make a simple yet powerful BI tool for monitoring and analysing the operations of the SQL server which can be configured to work with any production SQL Server in 10 minutes. Using a series of examples we will demonstrate how using such a tool can detect deceleration causes of the SQL Server, whether it is the processor, memory, or disk, and how to get a glimpse in a visually effective way (in the form of dashboards) of the time at which certain queries and procedures load the server the most in terms of resources. With the thus obtained information we can precisely, ‘surgically’, approach problem solving, and after the necessary interventions we can compare the status of the system before and after the intervention. This approach allows us to sort and document the implemented optimisation and provides proof of the correctness of the SQL Server operation after our intervention. If you want to know how to make such a tool, join us at the lecture.

All lectures will take place at the Grand Hotel Neum Conference Centre. The conference kick-off is planned for April 18, 2016 at 6 pm.

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