Security System at New RALU Logistics Centre

KING ICT has successfully completed its complex new project at the RALU Logistics & Distribution Centre in Rugvica. 

RALU Logistics is a company that provides services in the fields of transport, storage, warehousing, and cold chain distribution in Europe and Russia.

The company prides itself in its modern business practices, inspired by and based on principles shared by other successful multinational companies in the same field - RALU Logistics operates over 170 reefer trucks and semi-trailers technologically equipped for ensuring that the transportation of goods at temperatures ranging from -25 to +25°C meets the highest health and safety standards. Along with managing risks and working in accordance with all regulations related to food health and safety, the service also gives the client the option to track the status of the shipment online.

In order to further enhance the safety and quality of its services, RALU Logistics has equipped its newest Logistics & Distribution Centre in Rugvica with a complex integrated technical security system that encompasses features such as network-based (IP) video surveillance, a license plate recognition system at the entrance, IP access control, and an IP anti-theft and system room surveillance system. All the systems are integrated through a central control application. The implemented system was based on those used in other modern logistics and distribution centres across Europe.

The Importance of a Central Surveillance System for Business Security

Such surveillance systems are immensely useful for maintaining safety parameters demanded by operating organisational systems as complex as RALU Logistics.

The most basic advantages of having a central surveillance system are the simple and intuitive display of various types of events with different priority levels, alert lists that also provide information on all active events and, finally, quick and transparent interaction between operators when receiving and processing alerts.

Having a surveillance system that is controlled and monitored from one place and that provides timely and precise information on all important events makes a quick reaction to an unwanted situation possible.

All Activity in the Logistics & Distribution Centre is Covered by the Surveillance System

A complex system is used to monitor the complete interior and exterior areas of the Logistics & Distribution Centre - a facility that spans more than 11,500 square metres and has a capacity of more than 12,000 pallet spaces. The system also monitors all work processes, access to the facility, and all other important activities occurring inside the centre.

The surveillance system consists of video surveillance, elements of a license plate recognition system, an anti-theft and environment monitoring system (detection of temperature rises and water leaks), all of which are controlled from the same place using a central control application.

The video surveillance and license plate recognition systems cover the street access, truck parking lot, warehouse access, and the warehouses themselves. Special cameras that can scan license plates are used to control the entrance and exit of the centre. Unloading and loading of goods is monitored through all the stages of the process, along with the refuelling of RALU vehicles. The technological superiority of the system is evident from the fact that RALU Logistics employees are allowed unhindered access and departure from the facility, as the system can recognise them automatically.
Thirty cameras have been installed to ensure complete video surveillance, with a recording quality ranging from 3 to 6 MP, depending on the needs and specific characteristics of the monitored activity.

One of the more difficult challenges was installing the system in the frozen goods warehouses where temperatures are extremely cold and range from 0 to -25°C.

An access control system ensures that all the key paths in the facility are protected. The pedestrian access has been additionally secured with a tripod barrier and security card reader. The system has been devised through dividing the facility into several zones and allowing employees access to certain zones according to their assigned access rights.

An anti-theft and environment monitoring system protects all the external entrances to the facility that are not covered by the access control system, e.g. the emergency exit. In case of the door opening, the head security desk at the entrance to the facility is alarmed. The environment monitoring system is used to keep track of the temperature and water leaks in the system room.
The security desk at the entrance can use a central control application to monitor all parts of the security system 24/7, while the system itself will make sure to send out a warning or alert in case of an unexpected event.

Matija Mandić, head of Technical Security and Passive Network Solutions, KING ICT:
The system implemented at the RALU Logistics & Distribution Centre presents a unique synergy, it integrates all the various systems made by different companies into a single system of management and control. Using this integrational approach allows us to create and develop a system that is truly personally tailored to the client’s specific wishes and needs. The central control application, entirely developed by KING ICT, finally makes it possible to integrate any subsystem with an open integration protocol into a single control environment. 

Press statement of RALU Logistics.