We are launching "Change"

This autumn, KING ICT is launching the first open technical conference focusing on the development of enterprise solutions. This one-day event will be held on October 15th in the conference rooms of the Kraš chocolate factory in Zagreb.  Over 300 Croatian and regional participants from the ICT sector are  expected to gather for the latest news and hands-on experience provided by experts working in modern bleeding-edge software development.
"What makes this conference different from other similar IT conferences is the emphasis it places on the part of the IT scene that makes up its foundation – the development of enterprise solutions. The conference is an open-type one. Participants will enjoy discussing the latest innovations in the industry and learn more on what the most successful names of our scene think the future will look like. With a careful selection of lectures for the "first edition" of our conference, we want to show that "local" engineers can do great things and that global success is not reserved only for those across the pond. I see the conference as an ideal opportunity to find out more about the best practices and innovative ideas on .NET, while learning about performance improvements in Java-environment enterprise applications. Working in various development environments is so similar that many concepts such as micro-services, continuous delivery practices and Agile methodologies - are universal ” said Roko Roić, Director of Conference Content for the Change Conference.

The Change Conference is primarily designed for software developers and IT experts, regardless of the technology they use, and will focus on current issues in the development of enterprise software.

“With more than 18 years of experience in the regional market, KING ICT is a leading systems integrator.  Therefore, organizing this type of conference was a natural extension of our commitment to share the knowledge of developing advanced business solutions and extensive experience of our consultants and partners with the community. This one-day conference is designed to encourage a focused debate on issues that are relevant in today's enterprise industry, as well as offer opportunities for networking and partnership,” Roko Roić added.

Some of the lecturers and experts to join the Change Conference are:

Viktor Farčić, a software consultant with a long-term address in Spain, currently employed at CloudBees and working in the development of Jenkins. Viktor is an expert on continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). He is also a Docker Champion and author of two books on Java.

Matjaž B. Jurič, a professor at the Universities of Ljubljana and Maribor and author of more than ten books on enterprise software development. Matjaž is a member of the BPEL Advisory Board and promoter of many modern concepts in software development. At the conference, he will be talking about micro-services.

Alan Pavičić, a multilingual freelance developer and open-source guru who gathered his many years of experience working on commercial and open-source projects. He is the author of LISP compilers in Javascript and has decided to share his passion for numerous programming languages with the wider community by becoming the organizer of LangGang, an assembly of programmers who share an interest in Lisp, Smalltalk, Haskell and other "alternative" programming languages.

Dejan Bosanac, employed at RedHat, author of books on MQ integration and a programmer involved in the ActiveMQ project. Dejan's lecture will be focused specifically on the ActiveMQ system and will provide a modern view of the integration of enterprise solutions.

Luka Ferlež, head of development at KING ICT, has been working exclusively on large enterprise systems as a development engineer and architect for more than 11 years . His lecture will address challenges and techniques for surveillance and detection of bottlenecks in the development of enterprise systems.

Miljenko Cvjetko,a Xamarin Evangelist and advocate of cross-platform portability of code and applications. Since 2006, he has worked with Mono Framework, and as of 2010 with Mono mobile platforms Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android. He has officially been part of the Xamarin core team for the last two years.

Marko Topolnik, a doctoral student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, currently working as a development engineer at Hazelcast on the development of an eponymous platform for managing groups and clusters. The Hazelcast platform helps leading companies in the banking sector manage their data and processes in order to improve their performance.

The number of conference seats is limited and interested participants can obtain their ticket as early as today via the Entrio system.

A full schedule will soon be available at the conference website