We are participating at the Check Point Security Day

The Check Point Security Day conference will be held at the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences on Wednesday, 28 September.
The conference will be organized by the company, Check Point, which provides high-quality protection against DDoS attacks with their range of products and solutions.

KING ICT, as a partner of Check Point, will provide a presentation called “Check Point’s Solution for Protection against DDoS Attacks in the Environment of Telecommunication Service Providers”. The lecture will be held by Franjo Rebac, the head of the Network and Security Department.

Check Point’s solution and the concept of effective protection against DDoS attacks are intended to protect ICT infrastructures of telecommunication service providers. They will also present an introduction of protection services for their end users.

More on the topic of the lecture:
In recent years we have witnessed an increasing frequency and intensity of DDoS attacks, as well as an increase in their sophistication. Even telecommunication service providers are no longer protected against the attacks of greater intensity that are directed at the providers or their ICT infrastructure or their end users.

If there is no effective protection mechanism, DDoS attacks will cause interruptions of business services, and thus directly lead to financial losses, a bad reputation, and the dissatisfaction of end users.

The primary task of the system of protection against DDoS attacks is to efficiently, accurately, and quickly detect, prevent, and report on DDoS attacks. In addition to their own protection and the protection of their core ICT infrastructure, there is an increasing need for telecommunication service providers to enable protection services against DDoS attacks within their range of services (a ‘clean pipe service’).