We are participating in the FSEC 2016

From 14 to 15 September, Varaždin will host the FSEC 2016 conference dedicated to information security.

In addition to the careful selection of topics and speakers, the specialty of the FSEC conference is the opportunity to gather together a community of IT experts in the field of information security in Croatia to discuss trends and challenges in the field and to exchange views and ideas in the search for new solutions.

As part of the official conference program, Nino Talian, KING ICT's expert in information security, will talk about the possibilities and advantages of the integration of logical and physical security. During his presentation, conference participants will learn how to use this method to protect information and assets most effectively, and how to detect and prevent possible fraud and intrusions in time. He will present the principles of linking and orchestrating a series of management systems, which enable the user to authenticate in logical and physical access control systems using a single smart card and / or alternative methods of advanced authentication (e.g. soft token on a smartphone).

In addition to lectures, as part of the demo program of the conference, the participants will be able to visit the KING ICT booth to see how selected information security solutions work and discuss the challenges of implementation with our experts.

We invite all interested conference participants to attend the lecture, which will be held on Wednesday, 14 September at 17:00 on the main stage, as well as to visit us at the demo booth.

More information on the conference: FSEC 2016