We are sponsoring the Javantura v4 conference

The Javantura is one of the biggest Java community conferences in this part of Europe. Around 400 participants are expected at this year’s 4th edition of the Javantura to be held in Zagreb on 11 February.

The conference is organized by the Croatian Java User Association and KING ICT will support it as a principal, Platinum sponsor.

The participants will hear as many as 27 lectures given by Croatian and international Java experts, with three lectures to be given by KING ICT’s experts.

Danijel Mitar, a Java developer at KING ICT, will give a lecture and a demonstration titled: Test-driven documentation with Spring REST Docs.
Developers are aware of how important documentation is, but they do not like to write it because it is a tedious and time-consuming process. This lecture aims to show that tests are able to autonomously generate documentation using Spring REST Docs and TDD.

A lecture and demonstration by Josip Kovaček, also a Java developer at KING ICT, titled: Spring Boot and JavaFX – can they play together?
Which method and technologies to select for the development of a closed RIA desktop application considering the speed of development and future maintenance? Spring Boot is a good choice because it allows for a project to be operationalized as soon as possible. As regards the graphic interface, JavaFX is already an integral part of the programming language. Can Spring Boot and JavaFX work together to have the best of both worlds?

Aleksander Radovan, Manager of KING ICT’s Java Team, will hold a lecture titled: Java lambdas and streams – are they better than for loops?
Should we use lambdas and streams instead of loops? Which approach offers better performance in case of using collections with less objects vs. collections with more objects? Are so-called one liner solutions superior to the standard loops or just shorter?

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Join us at this conference very important to the Java community!