We share 15 years of success with you!

Thank you for all the trust you have given us over the last 15 years.

Today we are an experienced regional company, with note-worthy references.

We started as a small IT equipment store, KING Računala, but in 2004 we turned to system integration. Even then it was certain that the company was growing at a fast pace. Each year new large clients give us their trust, allowing us to continue to employ more and more people, expand our business across the region, and face new challenges; all thanks to the expertise and enthusiasm of our employees.
What we have behind us today is a series of complex integration projects. Some of those projects are now part of the daily life of most citizens, such as ZET’s system for electronic ticket validation, the system for recharging the electronic toll collection (ENC) device via text message or the internet, the complete IT system for the Matura (second-level state exams) and enrolment in higher education, the IT system of e-Matica... the list goes on.
We have proven our know-how, our competence, and our professionalism through various projects -especially in the areas of agriculture, education and the energy sector.
Today we are present throughout the entire region. We are proud to stand behind our finished projects in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia and Kosovo. Our offices in Belgrade, Sarajevo, Skopje and Pristina provide support for our regional business activities.
We have several global IT companies as our partners, which provide the benefits of the latest technologies and practices for our clients. Additionally, our users can rely on our always available and wide network of service centres throughout Croatia.
With Croatia having entered the EU, we seek to spread to foreign markets. Our knowledge and experience, coupled with an impressive list of references, make such efforts possible.
During our 15 years in business, we kept track of changes in the global IT market, and we contributed to the development of that market in Croatia and the rest of the region. We combine our own experiences with the solutions of our partners, but it is worth noting that many of the solutions we successfully implemented over the years were the product of our own know-how and capabilities. In any case, the end goal in each of our projects is a satisfied customer.

Confident in our knowledge, professionalism, and expertise, we are heading towards new business challenges in the regional and European arena.

We thank you for your trust and invite you to continue with us on this path to success.