We will give a lecture at the CUC 2015 Conference

This year’s CARNet CUC conference called “New-Schools” will be held on November 18 and 19 in Dubrovnik.

During the conference, which deals with the topics of the transformation of teaching and educational processes with the aim of creating new, digitally mature schools, KING ICT will present itself  with the lecture "Advanced Concepts of Energy Efficiency and Increasing the Level of Safety in Schools”.
The lecture will be given by Matija Mandić, Head of Security Systems and Passive Network Solutions, who will use practical examples to demonstrate how to achieve savings in schools by applying the concept of "smart" energy control - electricity, fuel, gas and water. During the lecture, he will also look back on the very topical subjects of increasing safety in schools and on the prevention of vandalism, bullying and the protection of property, which will be particularly emphasised after the introduction of the eSchool project and IT equipment to be used in education.

At the end of the lecture, the synergy of technical protection systems and their interaction with the energy efficiency systems will be shown using practical examples.

The lecture is scheduled for Thursday, Nov 11, at 10:15 AM.
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