With the help of KING ICT and SAP, Nova TV is keeping up with the best global practices

Croatia's leading commercial television company, Nova TV has, in cooperation with KING ICT, implemented the new business information system SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC).

At the end of 2018, Croatia's first commercial television station, Nova TV, became a part of the United Group, the leading provider of media and communications services in South East Europe. In order to ensure the appropriate IT tools for business development, Nova TV began with implementation of a system for company resources planning, in line with the system used in United Group. This is a contemporary business information solution that will enable increased alignment of business processes, and will support the current and future needs of the company.

The selected partner for implementation of the new system is KING ICT, which has been proclaimed the "Best performing SAP PartnerEdge Sell" in Croatia for the past three years running. The KING ICT experts hold more than 130 SAP certificates for various business areas, including finance, controlling, material operations, logistics and integration.

Nova TV decided to implement the SAP ECC system with the aim of standardising its operations and ensuring better connection to the business systems of the United Group. In deciding on the ERP solution of the globally renowned company SAP, Nova TV has integrated the very best in modern IT practices into its operations. The effects on operations will be visible in the many advantages, the most significant are the standardised business processes, aligned with the systems of other members of the group, transparent reporting and simpler system maintenance.

Nova TV has been successfully using the KING ICT system for human resources management for a number of years. During implementation of the SAP project, teams have applied their joint experiences and knowledge to further improve and integrate both systems. This innovative approach to this project has significantly shortened the time of implementation and improved efficacy.