ZABBIX - KING ICT’s New Partner

KING ICT is the first company in Croatia to become a Zabbix Certified Partner.

Zabbix LLC is a software developer with offices in the US, Europe and Japan. The company mainly focuses on developing open source network surveillance software and applications. Zabbix also offers a wide range of professional services individually designed to meet the client’s business needs. These services include implementation, integration, custom development solutions, consulting and training services.

The company’s main product, also named Zabbix, is one of the world’s leading open source programmes for IT infrastructure surveillance.

Zabbix software allows the user to collect an unlimited amount of different data types from the network. It is possible to monitor tens of thousands of servers, virtual machines and network devices simultaneously and in real-time. Along with data storage, various types of data visualisation are available, as well as methods of data analysis that help alert the user about particular situations.

As a Certified Partner, KING ICT has expanded its range to include services and solutions created by Zabbix. By doing so, KING ICT intends to improve the quality of its services and help meet all the needs of our clients.